How Briddgy works

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Briddgy's aim is to make the lives of travelers and people who want to order international (and not only) goods easier. It is achieved by connecting people who travel from one point of the earth to another with people who want to order something from the corresponding locations.

This concept is known as Peer-to-Peer (P2P) delivery.
As you may have understood, there are two parties interacting with each other on our platform.

Orderers are one party. Orderers post their wished item on the platform and specify the details of the order (purchase location, delivery location, item price, delivery reward). You can see how it is done here - (Briddgy | How to add Order). After posting it, Orderers will get automatic suggestions with suitable trips for their corresponding order.

The second party on our platform is Travelers. Travelers post their trip details (origin, destination, free baggage space, date) on Briddgy. You can see how it is done here - (Briddgy | How to add Trip). Here, similar to orderers, travelers will also get automatic suggestions with suitable orders for them to deliver.

Orderer will get a notification when the trip matching the order description is added to the platform. Similarly, travelers will be notified when an order with matching trip origin and destination is added.



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